Volunteer your time ~ The Colorado Parkinson Foundation and the Colorado Springs Parkinson Support Group (CSPSG) is managed and staffed by volunteers. There are no paid positions. One of the most valuable gifts you can give us is the gift of your time. If you would be interested in hearing more about how you could volunteer just a few hours a month please(email us ) or call us at719.884.0103.

Donate ~ By donating to the Colorado Parkinson Foundation you are supporting the largest all-volunteer Parkinson's support group in Colorado. As an all-volunteer organization we rely on voluntary donations and fund raisers to support southern Colorado people with Parkinson's as well as their caregivers.

Your generous donations will support;

Meeting and Events with guest speakers, events and fellowship. Many of our guest speakers are trained medical personnel and neurologists who work with Parkinson's Disease on a daily basis. In addition, other speakers are representatives of groups and organizations whose job is to support local Parkinson's patient needs. Each monthly meeting ends with a potluck where the main courses paid for by the support group and side dishes are brought by members. The potluck usually begins about 11:30 AM or Noon and gives our members a chance to mingle in a relaxed setting.

We hold Caregiver and People with Parkinson's (PWP’s) breakout sessions several times a year which gives each respective group attendees a chance to support, bond and discuss needs and successes in each category.

Our group provides CareGiver Info Caregiver Training; free of charge, to local in-home care specialists. This training is a comprehensive two hour training program for in-home care specialists and medical personnel in assisted living or nursing homes. The program is based on the experience of our volunteers who have dealt with this disease for more than twenty years as well as video presentations from distinguished neurologists who specialize researching or treating Parkinson's Disease patients.

The CSPSG provides a completion certificate for each organization that successfully completes the training. A list of trained organizations can be found under the Caregiver Training button

Other Ways to Help

Designate Colorado Parkinson Foundation as your Ebay, Amazon charity

Support our events

Donate un-needed medical equipment (eg wheelchairs, walkers, etc)

Recruit your civic group to hold fund-raisers

Designate Colorado Parkinson Foundation for memorials

Give Parkinson's related educational presentations to our members



How To Help

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